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Traffic Titan,

the “Traffic Loophole” for Google & YouTube.

Traffic Titan is the new product for getting big traffic from Google and YouTube. As a marketer, you will need traffic to get signups, sales & commisions. Sure you must do the same, but every day there are innovations coming up to enhance the hassle it used for finding keyword, ranking and making backlinks to get enough traffic to your site in order to stay in profits by sales. You can get free traffic from Google by leveraging on YouTube. You will get big result thanks to YouTube’s enormous user database but it also eliminates the risk of dying backlinks and robot-made contents.

Traffic Titan is designed as a full package to give a traffic as enormeous as the TITANIC. Traffic Titan does everything you need in one software at a highly satisfactory speed and smooth operations. I have tried this product and it is amazing the free traffic I can get, so I want to share the experience with you guys through this Traffic Titan 2.0 Review.

What is exactly Traffic Titan 2.0?

Traffic Titan Review

Traffic Titan 2.0 is a software so powerful because combines 7 softwares tackling from finding niche, sites database, keyword, creating video and building sales site’s fundamentals to generate fresh, free and organic traffic from Google & YouTube. Meanwhile, the products create no risks of dying backlinks or robot-like contents.

It is perfect for SEO marketers and every affiliates from JVZoo, ClickBank, Amazon to help getting the most profitable traffic on Internet. In this Traffic Titan 2.0 Review, I am going to show you the most value of this product.

What about the creator of Traffic Titan 2.0?

Traffic Titan Reviews

Chris & Ken are the creators of Traffic Titan 2.0. This guys have earned more than $20 million on ClickBank by selling digital products since 2006 and are able to generate amazing sales with their own product creations. They sold 7,000 units of T-shirt Titan soported with over 100 testimonials. Also created The Video Titan who sold +11,000 units. The Affiliate Titan is other of their products and sold more than 13,000 units and has become one of JVZoo’s top 25 all-time sellers. This Traffic Titan 2.0 surely will be another success with fascinating features that are guaranteed to bring about 6x traffic in a few clicks.

Why Traffic Titan 2.0 is so powerful?

Traffic Titan Bonus

Traffic Titan 2.0 is so powerful because it is a amazing combination of the best of 6 softwares that help getting free traffic from Google & YouYube. Therefore, it basically does everything each of them have the power to do but multiplied by 6. These are its components:

Niche Keyword Database

Traffic Titan Bonuses

Niche Money results in more than 1,000 of buyer keywords for more than 100 most profitable affiliate & ecommerce niches. The range was so large that it covered literally any niche you want to get in and in each niche, it provided a huge amount of keywords. You can’t imagine how large the total database is, but it was surely large enough for you to always be able to spot out the potential keywords that haven’t been used much to proceed.


Keyword Research Tool

Traffic Titan Product Creator

Keyword Titan is the one that does the filtering job. It filters out the most used keywords and provide the low-competition, high-value keywords. This search is conducted throughout both Google and YouTube platform.

So it basically changes the game a little bit. Before most of the ranking softwares tried to find the hottest keywords so You was always in a bloddy competition. Now Traffic Titan with Keyword Titan picks on the less competed but high valued keywords so it is already a lot of traffic with less competition.


Automatic Image Slides Generator & Fast Videos Creator

Traffic Titan & Money

Traffic Titan uses Website2Image to automatically search for 100 most potential affiliate programs, especially on ClickBank and JVZoo, from where it will get images & transform them into slides by using Image2Video to create slide-based videos instantly for affiliate marketing.
From ClickBank & JVZoo: Browse 100 Affiliate Programs (making $xx,xxx/day in commissions) & Export Your Campaign, ready for the next step…These are the EXACT Affiliate Programs That Made to Chris & Ken $2 Million in Affiliate Commssions.

Domain Name Research Tool

Traffic Titan & Google

With a simple single click, Domainaveli will go out and search among a 100 domain names to find one that is best matched. It always gave out a result that was just perfect for my campaign in less than a minute after a click.
Then simply register your domain and install the Done For You Titan WP theme…Instant create an authority affiliate site – to get you free traffic from Google, and earn affiliate commissions!


Google-optimized WordPress Theme

Traffic Titan & YouTube

You need to start your own website for getting this traffic, but dont spend more money in a wordpress theme, because you nmow have the Titan WordPress Theme, it will build a customized theme for your site to get it ready for very big free traffic and continuous monetizing.
Yes, you can use the Custom TITAN WordPress theme to profit with video. Quick install, instant monetization – Get FREE Google Traffic!


Sites DB

Traffic Titan & Twitter

This tool is a database of 3,000 websites across 20 ecom/affiliate niches – totalling over 10,000 individual traffic opportunities.

For each of the 20 niches, we searched 20-50 keywords and stored the top ranking PPC/SEO sites on Google (with the age of the domain, number of backlinks, Alexa rank, thumbnail preview & more).

Finally, we scanned each site for various traffic opportunities, such as:

• Is the site collecting leads? JV opportunity…

• Does the site have Google Adsense? If sense you can run media ads

• Does the site have its own advertising program? An opportunity for ultra-targeted cheap traffic

• Does the site have a Facebook or Twitter presence? You can reach out for a blast or target the interest with FB ads

• What is the Whois email for the site? You can always reach out to them directly with just a quick click

• Does the site have an RSS feed? If so it suggests content (possible backlink opportunites)

Finally, save the site to your own personal list of sites and then target the traffic opportunities with In-depth Training.


In-depth Training

Traffic Titan 2.0 is no difficult to use, however, to empower users with the best ability to get the most out of this product, Chris & Ken also put an in-depth training course in Traffic Titan 2.0. I was able to add more to my knowledge about choosing affiliate programs, getting traffic from Google & YouTube and more.

Traffic Titan 2.0 Review

The Basic System

One of the most profitable traffic tactics is to target keywords on Google/YouTube, via PPC and SEO.

There are literally millions of keywords, across millions of niches – but how do you know which ones to target?

And once you’ve found the ideal niche and keyword, how do you actually rank for and monetize that keyword?

Here’s how Traffic Titan automates this system…

• STEP 1 – Browse our “Niche Money” database and pick from over 100 niches and download the 1000s of keywords for each

• STEP 2 – Search these keywords with our “Keyword Titan” software to find low-competition keywords on YouTube & Google

• STEP 3 – Choose from affiliate programs inside “Website2Image” – then export 5-10 images to make a “video slide file”
• STEP 4 – Import these images/slides into the “Image 2 Video” software to create your video review (Free YouTube traffic)

• STEP 5 – Also target the keyword with the “Titan WP Theme” with an article (Free Google traffic)
• PLUS – Choose an awesome domain name with our “Domainaveli” domain-name research tool (search 100 names in 1 click!)

• STEP 6 – Find even more traffic opportunities with our brand new “SitesDB” software tool (20 niches, 3,000 URLs – 18,000 traffic opportunities!)

It’s the easiest way to get free traffic from Google & YouTube, and turn it into Amazon/ClickBank/JVZoo commissions!

SEVEN Automated Softwares… Changes Amazon, eCommerce, YouTube, Google, ClickBank & JVZoo.. Affiliate Marketing & Free Traffic… Forever! Traffic Titan & Dollars


7 Software Tools – $2 Million In Commissions:
Traffic Titan Is A Fresh NEW Way To Look At Free Traffic, eCommerce & Affiliate Marketing In September 2017
Traffic Titan & Profit

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Traffic Titan 2.0 & Money

Traffic Titan Review

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